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Richard’s Answer

Today, in aviation you need to think Technician, not mechanic. If you are thinking a career in aviation then I commend you. Most Technicians have a GED or High School Certificate. Keep in mind you should be thinking this as a lifetime career, so don't rush it. Look for a trade school that provides training in obtaining an Aircraft & Powerplant license. Or, enter the military with the specific skill of working on aircraft. Either one of these directions will allow you to take the final test to obtain the A&P license. Major airlines will begin to need technicians in the next few years. At present they are lean and mean with the least amount of employees. They are now starting to buy new aircraft and will need additional workers. Your reward will be going to work in a job that you like. Often you are doing something different everyday. Flight privileges are free, or almost free for you and your family. The pay is very good at major airlines. Don't forget to think FedEx and UPS. They also need aircraft technicians.

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Brett’s Answer

Hello Jesus,

Can you expand your question? I have ties with aircraft mechanics as well as engineers.

  • Are you interested in going to college for 4 years then designing aircraft at a place like Boeing, Lockheed, or AirBus?

  • Are you interested in repairing and servicing aircraft at an airport?