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Forensics Pathologist?What do you need to study to lead to this occupation?

Not much is told about pathologists in general...and pathologist seems suited for me since I'm interested in the medical field ,but I wouldn't want to deal with people's pains and their deaths....More like just interpreting of what caused their death...Except in this case I'm not sure what classes you need to take or what do you need to major in college to pursue this. Is it similar to doctors? Like Pre-med? #medicine #pre-med #forensics #pathologist #medicine-field #pathology

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Juliet,

The forensic pathologist is a doctor. Therefore it is necessary to complete an undergraduate degree in medicine, followed by a medical residency in pathology. The pathologist is the professional that carries out the autopsy the deceased individual, to verify the cause of death of this person.

To determine the identity of the victim and the time, manner and cause of death, the forensic pathologist:

Studies the medical history
Evaluates crime scene evidence including witness statements
Performs an autopsy to uncover evidence of injury or disease
Collects medical and trace evidence from the body for further analysis.

In addition to anatomy, the forensic pathologist may draw upon specialized knowledge and training in:

Trace evidence
Serology (blood analysis)
DNA technology .

Once all the evidence is analyzed, the forensic pathologist prepares a written report and may also testify to these findings in court.


Good luck in your career!