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Are there pediatric occupational therapists?

Asked Florence, Tuscany, Italy

I'm a junior in high school, and I am very interested in occupational therapy, but I also want to work with children. #nurse #occupational-therapy #pediatric

2 answers

Gary Stephen’s Answer

Updated Harlingen, Texas

Hi, My daughters is an OT so I know a little about this. Basically the training and certification is the same for all OT's but you can specialize in Pediatric OT by taking additional courses and choosing where you work. Hope this helps...good luck!

Bailey’s Answer

Updated Santa Cruz, California

Hello Mekenzie, Being a pediatric OT is an awesome job! As Gary said, to get your degree and license in OT you will need to learn all areas of the lifespan, but in the end you can always choose which age group you want to work with - and of course you can choose to be a pediatric OT. I have just spent the last four months working as a pediatric OT and love it - but be prepared to learn about all age groups in OT (which is also so very interesting!) Take care, Bailey.