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Are SAT and ACT scores more relevant than GPA and overall grades when it comes to college admissions?

Since a lot of high schools weight their GPAs differently, and since SATs and ACTs are standardized, I was wondering which aspect makes more of a difference when applying to colleges.
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Hi Genna, I think that competitive schools would take SAT and ACT more than school GPA. Like you said, school GPA weighted differently from school to school. The standardized test is the same for everyone, colleges would look into the SAT and ACT more. However, it doesn't mean that the school GPA is not important. They would still look at what courses you take in high school. Did you take AP classes? Did you challenge yourself? Is your grade a declining trend? Some colleges would take students GPA and recalculate with their own systems, so then they would have a "standardized" GPA to evaluate students. For more competitive schools, SAT and ACT would be like the basic requirement. As long as you get into the range, you would be fine. Wish you best luck! Joy Joy Z.

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2 answers

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Jillian’s Answer

Each college weighs standardized test scores, GPA, essay, application, etc. differently. I would recommend talking to college recruiters/alumni and looking at college forum boards online to get a feel on how the colleges you are interested in weigh these items. Also, colleges are pretty in tune with how each high school grades and what their GPAs mean in relation to other high schools. Just do the best you can! You've got this!

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Lei’s Answer

When it comes to predicting academic success in college, GPA is more accurate than SAT/ACT scores. So during college admission, at least the admission of selective colleges, GPA weighs more than standardized testing. With that said, each school weights their GPAs very differently, and admission officers will have to dig for context to understand what your GPA means at your school, while standardized test scores give admission officers universal understanding of your academic ability. So standardized test scores are also very important data points in your overall application. Roughly 50% of an applicant's profile, the academic profile, consists of GPA, standardized test score(s), class rank, and course rigor.