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Are there websites where you can find mentors in your particular field?

Asked Jacksonville, Florida

Looking for guidance in the marketing sector. #marketing #global-marketing

4 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Yes! I have connected with Paralegal students on LinkedIn. I have worked with them to polish their resumes, as well as provided support and feedback as they embarked on job searches, got fired, and started over. It is very rewarding! We find each other through the various groups, so I would recommend that you look for groups and try to join them.

Ann’s Answer


I highly recommend joining the Facebook group Mentors and Mentees. Within the group there are several subgroups for specific fields. It is the place to find a mentor. Building a strong relationship with a mentor is important. It is a relationship built on trust, so I do not recommend joining and just post asking for someone to be your mentor. Instead, read the posts from people and engage with the members that interest you as a possible mentor. Once you've built some rapport, then ask for mentorship.

If you let me know what your field you are looking for a mentor in, I can probably introduce you to some professionals in the field. Hope this helps!

Kim’s Answer

Updated Nipomo, California

Hi Devetra,

I agree that human contact is the best way to gain advice from a mentor. And the advice you've been given already is very insightful. For marketing in particular you may want to look into the American Marketing Assoc as a potential networking opportunity.

Scott’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

It is great that you recognise the value of a mentor. Obviously this site offers mentoring, and you could narrow the mentoring to your field. However, I'd like to answer your question with something a little less obvious:

Try NOT using a website.

To really communicate as humans, we must exchange more than emails. Most of our communication ability is non-verbal (site about a million sociological studies). So I suggest joining a club, society, group, whatever, where you can advertise your interests IN PERSON, and meet others with similar interests.

Scott recommends the following next steps:

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