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Where are some places i can go to if i want to be an FBI?

i don't want to wait long finding a job after i'm done with college.
i want to work right after i'm done.
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3 answers

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Julie’s Answer

The FBI website is the best place you can look for more information. You can also contact your local FBI office.

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Justina’s Answer


Quntico Virginia

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Estelle’s Answer

I have a good friend who is an FBI investigator. She spend large part of her days outside the office, “in the field,” working on cases. However, she also spends an entire day in the office completing paperwork related to investigations. These varied tasks usually mean that a day in the life of a Special Agent will differ from the one before. In reality, the most effective agents can be very personable, outgoing, and have a good sense of humor. The job is about getting people to relax, getting witnesses to help you, getting criminals to confess, getting guys to work for us instead of us for them. Likability is a very important trait at the FBI.
I would consider a degree in one of the following. I would try to get an internship at the FBI or with a criminal unit in local law enforcement. Interview at the beginning of your senior year.
Criminal Justice.
Computer Science.
Cyber Security.
Forensic Accounting.
International Studies.
Public Safety Administration.