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What are the creative methods people used to pay for college?

I'm wondering how people were able to pay for college. As a rising college freshmen, I'm anxious about how to pay for my own college tuition. And I desperately want to figure out a way for me to attend college without burdening my parents or myself. I already know about scholarships and financial aid. But is there a plausible way to pay for college. I haven't gotten much luck with scholarships. #justabrokestudent #finance #debt #student-debt #tuition

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2 answers

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Simona’s Answer

Hello David,

College can be an expensive but needed endeavor.  After completing undergraduate and graduate school, I have the experience and empathy for your path.  I am also excited and have learned more than when I was going through the efforts that I'd like to pass on.  I recommend the following:

*See if you can complete work-study program/internships: these will give you experience on the job and pay to help with payments

*Talk to your financial aid folks: sometimes they have scholarships that are not advertised and no one applies as a result.  This leads to money sitting that you can use directly from your school

*Apply for Financial Aid (if you have not done so)

*If you have a job, the company may pay your tuition up front or through tuition reimbursement

Some unconventional ways include taking side gig: driving for Uber/Lyft, becoming a task assistant on Reddit, taking surveys, etc.

I will add some links to articles that can also give you some ideas and help.  Good luck!




Simona recommends the following next steps:

Talk to your Financial Aid Office: apply for financial aid, scholarships, work-study/internships, etc through the school
Read articles from links above to get more ideas on how to get $$$ for tuition
Follow up on some of the recommendations from the articles to get $$$ for school

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Philip’s Answer

Hi David -

It might be difficult to pay your tuition in full during your time in school, but one thing I can recommend outside of financial aid and scholarships is to get a part time job while you're in school. This won't cover all of your tuition but it will start the process of paying it down. Any amount helps and will reduce your time with student loans. While I was in school, I got an on campus job that allowed me to earn extra cash while working a schedule that fit my course work and studying. Additionally, search for paid internships with established and reputable companies. These can often pay very well and help develop career skills/connections for post grad life.

Good luck,