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How do I find a good roommate?

I am enrolling at TTU in the fall. I need a good roommate that plans on residing in the Engineering dorms. #roommate #engineering #dorms #college

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Hi Kellen! Finding a great roommate makes a huge difference. A lot of universities provide resources to students so that they can connect with people similar to them before the semester starts. I suggest reaching out to the admissions office and see if they have any resources like this. I found my freshman year roommate by joining our class' Facebook group. There might be something similar on social media where you can start to connect with incoming students. I'd ask questions like: what does your schedule look like? Are you a night owl or early bird? What do you like to do for fun? How important is tidy-ness to you? This will allow you to avoid any major roommate issues that could come up. Best of luck!

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What I did was to seek out and meet or at least talk over the phone with people who were going to the same school as I was. Do not put pressure on people by telling them you're looking for a roommate, but simply tell them your current situation. Tell them where you're going to school, your major, your interests, the fact that you will be looking for a roommate at some point. The idea is that a better candidate for a roommate will come to that conclusion by themselves. Also note that there is no reason to push this because an ideal roommate will ideally come to that conclusion themselves that you should room together or at least consider it. I ended up with a person who ended up being a good friend and a great help and support during college. This is not the goal, however. The goal is to room with someone who will be conducive to your studies. That is, someone who would not be a negative influence or impede your college tenure. In other words, make your goals known, and let the selection of a roommate be "organic" -- i. e., relax.

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First, get in touch with as many folks who will be going to your school as you can. Spend some time getting to know them. Don't push the "roommate" thing, just mention that you're talking to a lot of folks and see who seems easy to get along with. If you share interests, great. But a big part of having a roommate is having someone who will be conducive to your studies, not a hindrance. Not just personally compatible, but "academically compatible", and as focused on studies as you are, or more.
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