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What job opportunities are available for those pursuing a degree in Bioinformatics?

I am a bioinformatics major, and while I love the field of study, I am still a little uncertain on all the job opportunities available with a Bioinformatics degree. Do the jobs tend to be more computer/programming based, or more lab work? Or is there some of each?
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2 answers

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Aaron’s Answer

I've been working in Molecular and Cell Biology for a little over a year now. Bioinformatics is used fairly heavily when sequencing DNA and RNA, and is pretty Computer Science heavy for my tastes.

However, your question can depend highly on where you end up getting work. My work had lab personnel running the sequencing of the material, and Bioinformatics personnel running analysis on the information that resulted.

If working in an Undergrad or Academic environment you may find yourself with a few lab responsibilities, but in large companies you may find yourself soley working on the Computer and Analysis end of things.

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Amrita’s Answer

There are a number of opportunities. In recent times diagnostic services have especially picked up but traditionally bioinformatics experts have been highly sought after in the medical industry.