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Chelsie Mar 16, 2018 725 views

What job opportunities are available for those pursuing a degree in Bioinformatics?

I am a bioinformatics major, and while I love the field of study, I am still a little uncertain on all the job opportunities available with a Bioinformatics degree. Do the jobs tend to be more computer/programming based, or more lab work? Or is there some of each?
#bioinformatics #job-search

Bhavani’s Avatar
Bhavani Jan 17, 2018 2052 views

What is the job outlook for bioinformatics professionals in the coming decades?

I'm planning on earning a bioinformatics degree during my undergraduate degree, and I was hoping to learn the prospects of the career, itself, should I choose to pursue further education in the field. I was hoping to hear about how demand is predicted to rise/fall in the coming decades and...