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Why do almost all the questions on this site have no comments or answers

Just trying to figure the game here.

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Jordan’s Answer, Team

Hey Nicolas!

This is a really great question, thanks for asking it.

Topline: 91% of the questions on the site are answered as of today (3/21/2018). If you are only seeing unanswered questions, you might have the "unanswered only" option selected on your search filters. you can see only answered questions using this shortcut link.

More information about how questions on this site get answered:

There is an important concept/model that plays into the question you ask. We define that as "Supply & Demand". Though the team here at CareerVillage uses this to support multiple facets of our community, I want to draw attention to the perspective of you as a Student here.

The advice / answers are the "Supply".

The questions are the "Demand".

Understanding the nature of both supply and demand, you could assume that having a balance of both is important! And that is actually what you are asking, how are we attempting to balance this? Let me now give you some statistics on this community: we have about 18,000 questions on our site. Of the 18,000 about 91% of them have answers! I'll let you do the math to get an estimated number of how many questions are exactly unanswered ;).

Another important thing to consider as an individual user(whether a Student or a Professional), if you are following a specific set of tags, by default you will be seeing questions in accordance to those tags! I.E. Professionals who are in Accounting and following that tag will be seeing questions in that industry. Therefore, though we have 18,000 questions, you probably are not seeing exactly all of them.

This is important to note because it goes back to the idea of supply and demand. The 9% of questions left unanswered, some of which you are seeing, are because we need more Professionals that could share their expertise in those industries! As we attempt different strategies of acquiring Professional volunteers to give advice (especially in areas like healthcare and engineering where there are tons of questions and not enough Pros) we basically are balancing supply and demand!

Students come to the site every day to ask great questions like this one! And as a Community Manager of this startup, I am engaging with the Professionals to provide the supply of answers.

Though I'm attempting a lot of fun and great returnable experiments increasing the answer supply if you have ideas that you would love to contribute, feel free to let me know ;) as a Community Manager I aspire to get the community (you and other Students) involved!

Thanks for asking this great question!

-Jordan R.


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