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Career Questions tagged Fulfillment

Moiz A.’s Avatar
Moiz A. Aug 11, 2018 295 views

At what moment in college do you get the feeling that the major you have chosen is truly for you?

I have known folks that graduated with a law degree and ended in medical school and those that graduated with a petroleum engineering work at banks. How and when do you know what you have chosen is for you? scholarship career frustration confusion satisfaction...

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Darlene D.’s Avatar
Darlene D. Jan 23, 2018 407 views

Do you think that enthusiasm can be key to destressing and having a fulfilling life perspective?

A teacher in my class the other day mentioned that enthusiasm and positivity are extremely valuable in increasing life span as well as good mood. I have been attempting to remain more and more positive during my college application process and last year of high school. I personally feel that...

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