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Career Questions tagged Industrial Organizational

Ray’s Avatar
Ray Jul 13 113 views

Can a career in I/O psychology help shift America's economy into socialism?

I was originally disinterested in I/O because the corporate world seems like a nightmare to me. When I realized research often shows noncapitalist work systems are better for workers' health, I began to wonder if its possible if I/O psych research and jobs can change America into a socialist...

Awallei’s Avatar
Awallei Apr 23, 2020 541 views

How do I do well career wise, if academically I have a hard time?

I’m interested in the business and psychology field. I’m double majoring is Human Resource management and psychology and I want to become and industrial organizational psychologist #business #psychology #industrial-organizational

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 07, 2016 852 views

What are Industrial-Organizational psychologists?

What would someone expect to do (daily tasks and so on) with a career as an industrial-organizational psychologist? #career #psychology #industrial-organizational