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Is it smart for me to do Cross Country in high school?

I am a junior in high school and am about to start my second season of Cross Country in a few days. When I decided to sign up for Cross Country my freshman year of Spring, I didn't know how physically taxing it would be. I've had a few friends who did Cross Country that last Fall, but I didn't really get the gist of what the sport was like from them. I'm not very sporty and certainly do not enjoy running. The first week of pre-season that summer, I sprained my ankle. I tried to quit after my injury, but my coach kept pushing me to join back in. Next thing I know, I was back at practice two weeks later. I wasn't good at running. I wasn't that fast. I was average when I ran in JV races, but I was always usually last in Varsity races that consisted of many teams from around my county. Although I ran both JV and Varsity races during my season, I was put onto the JV team with only one other girl for the championships. I might be put onto the JV team again this year and I don't think I am going to join the team at my future college. Is it smart for me to do it again this year? and maybe the following year? #student #high-school #athlete #sport #cross-country #junior-varsity

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