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This question is a bit on the personal note but I'd greatly appreciate any answer. I have been to a different school for the past four years (I'm a Junior in HS) and late last year we came to a town where I thought I'd finally finish my HS years and go to a college near me. (I live in Louisiana) Last night my mother told me our lease was up and we were going to have to move out in July. I have two choices: I can stay with my mom and go to Lake Charles with her, Or, I can move with my dad in Texas and finish my education there including college(I want to become a Registered Nurse). My mom said she won't help me financially if I go to my dads. Please don't tell me that It's up to me because I really don't know, and I am just going to go to my dad's house without knowing if it's the right choice. Any advice is welcome, thanks.

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