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How can i determine price for my decals

I have done an intensive research to identify the extend of the need I intend to address and some of the ways to address it. One of the ways in addressing the need under reference is through the use of decals. I have therefore developed decals for a certain market. The cost of producing one decal at a printing shop is about $8 and it can last for over 10 years. This cost excludes all other associated costs such as my labor, profits etc. At the moment I do this work myself and in my house, therefore I do not incur charges such as rent, employees etc. However, I would like to be delivering these products to my clients door step. I am having some difficulties in coming up with a tentative price for one decal, a price margin that covers all variables involved in producing one decal right from design to production to marketing to delivery, labor and profit of course. Using a very simple language, could you please guide me on how I can come up with a final price for my decals. Giving a practical example will go a long way in helping me. Thank you in advance. #entrepreneurship #pricing #business #profit #decals #posters #Price margin #pricing-strategy #pricing-analysis

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