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Is chemical engineering a career for me?

I love problem solving, and as an individual being challenged is simply a great thing in my mind. If I ever run into issues, I will try and reach out to both my individual mind and my peers in order to be able to further advance with a concept. As a high school student, I loved my chemistry class (Basically all my science classes though) and I had always been interested in science even as a child. I detailed in another question that I lost a significant amount of weight, and I hope to one day apply what I have learned to change the food industry as we know it. There are so many recipes for foods that can be done alternatively that net the same exact result as very unhealthy junky food, yet at the moment due to me not knowing specific food interactions I cannot optimize certain substitutes when it comes to food. In America, the new generation is becoming increasingly obese, and I can understand why. A change in our food is necessary, and I want to bring about these changes, can chemical engineering guide me to be able to do this? #chemical-engineering #engineering #business #chemistry #weight-loss #rightjob #right-career

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