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I want to be a commercial transport pilot, I enjoy traveling and i would like to visit different places



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Chelsea K. Aug 04, 2020 100 views

Do you get to choose different locations to fly to when your a commercial pilot working for a airline?

I would like to know how being a commercial pilot is really like. #aviation...


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Chelsea K. Jul 30, 2020 121 views

When you want to do business how do you make sure what your providing is different?

I’m a high school student and I find it creative and interesting to have something of your own that you can have control over. Bringing something out to the world the can help the people is important....


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Chelsea K. Jul 30, 2020 92 views

How many years does it take to get to a commercial pilot?

I’m a high school student, I love the idea of seeing different places and I think I can to that through being a pilot I still have more to learn. #aviation...