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Annabeth Jan 18, 2021 276 views

Forensic science and evolution?

I’m majoring in forensic science, not sure if I want to be biology or chemistry, but I was wondering if evolution is a major topic throughout those jobs. I want to help people and save lives but I just don’t want to have to agree on something I don’t daily. #forensicscience #forensic-biologist...

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Annabeth Oct 08, 2020 344 views

Careers in Forensic Science

I am so interested in all of the careers in forensic science. It’s hard to know which one to major in. I know I don’t want to go in the careers that does autopsies. But all the rest seem so interesting. I just can’t choose. #forensicscience #forensic #science #professional

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Annabeth Sep 22, 2020 684 views

Forensic Science and Communication

I am trying to finish college to become a type of forensic scientist (not sure which one yet), but I know I might have to testify in court as an expert witness. However, I have a speech impediment and sometimes I can't speak clearly when stressed or nervous. I just want to know if I can still...