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Brian Leibsohn

President / Owner at Linc Properties
Management Occupations - Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
Kirkland, Washington
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Gary Sep 01, 2017 1130 views

What college did you go to for this career ?

#real-estate #housing

John’s Avatar
John Nov 10, 2016 1020 views

How can I take a small loan and turn it into huge investment success?

I am fresh out of high school and I want to become rich fast. I know real estate is the best way to do that and I want to know the best way to get into the real estate business. #real-estate

Audra’s Avatar
Audra May 18, 2016 1082 views

What kind of degree would compliment someone who is going into house reality?

I plan on becoming a realtor and am not sure what degree I should get. I know a degree is not required for reality, but I would like to get as much beneficial education as possible. I do not know what major or degree would better me. I have heard many different answers from family and friends,...