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Boston, Massachusetts
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I want to have a job in the future that will benefit and help people. Anywhere, as long as people are benefiting from my job/help.


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Samiya Mar 03, 2021 610 views

How do you know what college best fits you?

I've had some colleges in mind that I would love to go to, but I don't seem to know which ones are the right ones to pick." What if I regret applying for this college" is a frequent question that pops into my mind. I have plenty of time to think about college, as I am a sophomore, but I don't...

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Samiya Mar 03, 2021 436 views

What skills does your job require?

I was wondering what day-to-day skills does your job require. Did you already acquire these skills before, or did you have to learn these skills? #jobs #skills

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Samiya Feb 24, 2021 456 views

How do I know what career path to take, and what steps do I need to take to find them?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm not sure what career path I want to take, and don't have any passions or hobbies I really like. I know nothing needs to be confirmed now but to start thinking. #career-path #high-school