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Susan Jun 23, 2021 423 views

What the best law school for a person looking to be a immigration lawyer

I am a second year college student. I have being doing my research on law schools and have yet to find one that is good for immigration law that I would like to attend. I have talk to other lawyers and have gotten great information but not one of them were immigration lawyers. #lawyer #college

Emelyn’s Avatar
Emelyn Sep 16, 2021 390 views

What sorts of experiences can help my law school application stand out? Also, when choosing a school should you go with prestige or the most financially viable option?

Undergraduate Student, BBA, future lawyer #lawyer #college

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feara Sep 21, 2021 516 views

advice for a career in law

what courses should I take in high school to prepare for a career in law? #law #lawyer #law-school #law-practice

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lydia Mar 18, 2021 633 views

Did you always know you wanted to study law? If so how come?

#law #study #career