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Isabelle E. Mar 05, 2018 350 views

What are sororities like?

I've always heard about them, but I never really understood what they are, or what it is like to be in one....


Gabriela M.’s Avatar
Gabriela M. Sep 14, 2018 841 views

How can I handle a part-time job and college at the same time?

I'm not in college but I do plan on working part-time while doing full-time college. Are there any ways I can prepare myself? work-life-balance college-advice job student...


Mohamed E.’s Avatar
Mohamed E. Jun 30, 2021 184 views

How can I choose what to study in college?

I am an igcse student, and I still don't know what to study in college. I am not drawn to anything. Basically I like all my subjects and I score the same grade in all of them college-advice college...