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Monica May 11, 2016 1331 views

What are the most needed careers in today's world?

I have been really waffling around between different careers. I'm not sure what is the best option to make sure that I can find a job. What jobs are really needed in today's world? I want to make a difference, but i cant make a difference if I get a degree that I can't find a job in....

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Monica May 11, 2016 1051 views

The school I am going to doesn't accept student loans? I have been doing scholarships a lot but how else can I fund my education? Are their other ways?

There is no federal funding at the college I am attending. They offer a 12,000 loan each year but that will obviously not cover the whole tuition and room and board. I have a 3.96 unweighted GPA but because it is a very competitive college that really doesn't get me many scholarships. I have...

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Monica May 11, 2016 867 views

I really love to help people and on all the career searches it tells me to be a nurse but that just grosses me out? And other careers?

I feel like a lot of the careers I have thought of will pay absolutely nothing or will be hard to find a job in. I don't want my career to be all about money but I cant just ignore it cause I will need it to pay off college debt. I want a career that I can actually be active and feel like I...