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Christy Crespo-Matiz

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Noah May 26, 2016 1328 views

In the Telecommunications field how important was your portfolio?

Wanting more insight on how important your portfolio is and the content in it.

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Mimi Aug 28, 2014 2065 views

Bilinguall; any job

A lot of people have been telling me that if you can speak another language, it will be better and easier, (and quicker) for me to get a job. Is that really true? I'm 16, and I just do not care where I work. I would like to get my CDA for early child development, but I am not sure of what to...

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MacClement Aug 21, 2016 1000 views

How to improve spanish skills if there are few native speakers in my area?

I have been studying and learning Spanish since Kindergarten and am reaching a point that requires true interaction with native speakers to improve further. I regularly read the news in Spanish and as a result my reading skills are quite good but my speaking and listening skills are...