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Martina Oct 22, 2016 873 views

Given that they are used in a constructive manner, how much does having social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc...) improve your chances of receiving scholarships?

I have been applying for the scholarships that students qualify for in their junior year of high school, and many of them ask you to post statements to your social media to improve your chances of receiving the scholarship. I do not have social media accounts and was wondering if making these...

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Martina Oct 22, 2016 759 views

Does taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses in mathematics and science provide students with more opportunities in the field of engineering?

I chose to ask this question because I am currently enrolled in AP Statistics, AP Chemistry and Honors Trigonometry this year (my 11th grade year) and am considering taking AP Calculus and AP Physics next year (my 12th grade year). Will taking these classes set me apart from other students and...