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Neateshia Jan 16, 2018 876 views

I am not good at writing papers at all. What are some recommendations for me to be more successful and reasearching and constructing a good essay paper?

I am going back to school after 12 Years. English and writing have never been my strong areas. I want to do more than just pass this class, but also reasearch and construct successful work. If there is any tips, pointers, or advice that can be given. Please, I am all ears. #english #essay...

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Neateshia Jan 16, 2018 944 views

I have chosen to go to school for Physical Therapy. I am wanting to know is there anyone else who has chosen this path, and if so was it hard obtaining a job once you graduated?

I am going back to school after 12 years of being out. I have heard good and bad things about this career choice, and I want to endure that I am not going to be graduating in a field where I will not be able to utalize my degree.
#physical-therapy #physical-therapist