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East Providence, Rhode Island
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Amanda Jan 17, 2018 524 views

How to land a good job?

Finding a job is hard in this day and age even with all this newfound technology. What are some websites you swear by?

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Amanda Jan 17, 2018 320 views

Best study habits?

Headed to college in Fall 2018. Any tips on staying focused and studying efficiently?

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Amanda Jan 17, 2018 515 views

First-generation scholarships?

I’m a first generation college student seeking scholarships. It seems there’s been a decline in scholarships awarded for that purpose and was wondering if anybody knows a really good website for them. Thanks! #first-generation-college-students #first-generation-college-students- #college...

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Amanda Jan 17, 2018 386 views

Know any good scholarship MATCH websites?

I was just on Cappex and there’s a lot but they’re really bad when filtering with all my info. Just spent 30 min removing Hawaiian scholarships. Únigo is supposed to be good. Anyone know any others?