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I either want to be a Psychologist with my own private practice or I want to be a Criminal Profiler in order to help law enforcment catch criminals.


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Megan C. Jan 24, 2018 184 views

What mechanisms do you have in place that make it so the atrocities you deal with day-to-day don't spill over into your home life?

One of my biggest concerns regarding a career as a criminal profiler is that I will be unable to disconnect myself from my work once I go home. I imagine the stories and people you meet stay with you and unavoidably haunt you. I am afraid this will ultimately darken my view of life. How do you...


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Megan C. Jan 24, 2018 724 views

As a criminal profiler, do you get fulfillment and joy from your job?

I am interested in pursuing a career in criminal profiling, however I know the burnout rates in a job such as this could be high. I have spent a lot of time researching this profession, but I wasn't able to find many answers about the emotional aspect of it. And the little exposure I have had...

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