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Kaitlyn Apr 11, 2018 464 views

How do you write a good cover letter?

There are millions of formats online for a cover letter. Some are longer and more specific. Others are short and don't provide much information (i.e., bragging points) about the writer. Some are double-spaced and others are single-spaced. Some are twelve-point and others are ten-point. Does the...

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Kaitlyn Apr 11, 2018 578 views

I love school but I've learned that I hate being in the workforce. How can I be sure to get a job I will enjoy after I graduate?

I can't stay in school forever. I graduate with my MFA (yes, I'm going for specialization), but I'm worried that after I'm specialized, I still won't be able to find a job I enjoy. #workforce #career #career-advising #finding-a-major #passion