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Emma B. Jan 13, 2018 251 views

How important is the college you go to for undergrad when applying to medical school/

I have been accepted into a couple of honors programs at good colleges which included good merit scholarships. I have also applied to a couple Ivy League and schools and am wondering if I get accepted if they are really worth the extra cost when applying to medical school? I would have to...

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Jonathan M. Apr 17, 2018 173 views

Is it worth it to go Ivy League for undergrad?

I can get into Harvard level schools but I'm not sure the cost is worth it. Would a state school be good enough?...


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Kelly F. Apr 17, 2018 260 views

Are the loans worth it?

Is an Ivy League education for graduate school worth $100K in loans? At what point does the opportunity cost become negative? #ivyleague #loans #debt...