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Alice X. Jul 24 80 views

What are the steps of getting into med school and becoming a doctor?

Until recently, I was a chemical engineering student. However, learning on my own through online classes, I realized that it wasn't right for me. I have switched majors and career paths as I am about to go into my senior year. I am now studying to get into med school. The only thing I am...

#medical-school #doctor #july20

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Alice X. Jul 24 101 views

What are some of the less well-known jobs available in healthcare?

Besides being a doctor, nurse, surgeon, etc., what are some other less known jobs in the healthcare industry? What do each of their jobs entail? For some of these jobs, is med school necessary? #july20...


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Alice X. Jul 16 56 views

What are the similarities and differences between a traditional Chinese medicine doctor with a degree and a modern medical doctor, assuming that they both practice in clinical environments?

I am interested about working in the healthcare realm, and I have considered going to med school. However, recently I came across that you can get degrees in Chinese Medicine Programs. How is this different from simply going to med school, doing the necessary training, and becoming a doctor? I...

#doctor #chinesemedicine #medicine

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Alice X. May 31, 2018 315 views

What are some companies that develop and/or research pharmaceuticals?

My major is chemical engineering and I want to work with pharmaceuticals. So, I’m currently looking for an intern in that area. The only problem is that most of the companies I know work with materials. What would be some companies that I can look to for internship opportunities for college...

#chemcialengineer #internship #pharmaceuticals

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Alice X. May 31, 2018 297 views

What do I need to do if I want to work in the development or research of pharmaceuticals?

I’m currently majoring in Chemical Engineering. If I want to work with pharmaceuticals in the future, should I pick a concentration? At my university, the concentrations are materials, environmental, and bio molecular. Is medical school required? #chemcialengineer #medicine...