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Alexander May 30, 2018 514 views

Balancing school, athletics, and clubs

I am in a crew team, and will continue to row in college as well. Crew takes up a lot of time not already taken up by school. With that being said, what sort of clubs should I join in order to feel involved with my college, while still focusing on school and athletics? #extracirriculars

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Kimberly May 31, 2018 635 views

Are you able to learn or continue to learn instruments in college?

I would like to know if this is dependent on the college/university or even offered. #learning

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Fatima Feb 09, 2018 1104 views

What are the qualities that colleges look for in prospective students interested in journalism?

I really want to partake in a few colleges that I've done excessive research in regards to their journalism programs and I'm still unsure what they are looking for precisely. What appeals most to them when they think of accepting a student into their programs regarding the field of...