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Tayler P. Jul 24, 2018 154 views

Are certain nursing programs better for a career in working in the NICU then others? If so, which ones?

I am currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado and plan on going to college here as well and work at the Children’s Hospital currently being built. There are many nursing programs offered and I just would like to know if certain ones would be better for a future career working in the NICU...

#nicu #nursingprograms #career

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Tayler P. Jul 24, 2018 148 views

Are study abroad programs worth it for a future career in NICU nursing or just nursing in general?

I have always grown up traveling and living in places all around the world and would like to continue traveling while in college but do not know if that would be conducive to pursuing a career in nursing, specifically in the NICU #healthcare #career #travelabroad...