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lilia W. Sep 01, 2017 384 views

what events are important for a new author trying to get published to attend?

I am a college student trying to find good opportunities to break into the publishing field. i would like some advice on ways to do that, particuarly opportunities for college students...


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Cassandra P. Jan 10, 2018 462 views

What kind of techniques do you use in your writing while editing?

I have a hard time editing my work and I really want to get over a barrier I put up myself. I know when a part of my story needs help but I can't put my self to change it. I find it heartbreaking. How do you get over that, if you have that problem and how do you organize your thoughts while...

#creative-writing #writing-and-editing #writing

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McKay B. Aug 09, 2018 396 views

How difficult is it to become a sportscaster if I am not a professional athlete?

I love to talk sports and would love even more to make money doing it. Is there a way to do this without being a famous athlete? #sports #career #sportscaster...