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Yorktown, Virginia
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I want to be a kids pediatrician or an RN working in a kids hospital

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Darlie Oct 26, 2018 411 views

How is our gpa calculated is it based off of quarter 1 or by semester

I really confused on how grade point average is calculated since I got a c in a weighted class I was wondering if that would bring my gpa down

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Darlie Oct 24, 2018 496 views

What are some things that I should study for SAT in order to increase my score by 250 points

My sat grade the first time wasn’t that I’m trying to bring it up to at least a 1100 any pointers
#college-admissions #testing #sat

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Darlie Oct 24, 2018 477 views

My gpa is a 2.83 my dream college says if a student has a gpa of 3.3 they are automatically accepted, how do I bring up my gpa?

I’m a senior this year and my dream college early application is this December #college-admissions #gpa #college-applications