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Dinah B. Nov 14, 2018 325 views

How do you become a nutritionist? What do they do in a day? What are some ways I can prepare and what classes should I take in college?

I am interested in becoming a doctor but I do not feel like I could be a physician. I think a nutritionist is the right career for me but I want to know what their job is like. #medicine #doctor #hospital-and-health-care #nutrition #dietician #food...


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Dinah B. Nov 14, 2018 332 views

How do you know a career is right for you? What if you have a lot of interests but you don't know which one is the perfect fit?

I am in 11th grade and I have a small idea of what I want to do. I am interested in the medical field but I am not confident about it. I want to help others and I want to know if I should pursue this path. It is hard and I do not want to end up not liking it the career I choose. #career-choice...

#junior #medicine #career #highschool #help #healthcare #doctor