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Kaitlyn D. Jan 20, 2018 385 views

How hard is it to be a woman in engineering?

I will become a computer engineer when I leave college. I know I will have to struggle with adversity. How difficult will it be for me to challenge the male dominated field of engineering and succeed? #technology...


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devin O. Mar 29, 2019 125 views

what are the fun things about being in carpentry

I was going into the carpentry trade and was wondering what was the fun things about being in that...

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Ashim C. Apr 23, 2019 170 views

I live in nepal and am a citizen here but i want to act in english movie,etc ,is there a way for me to do so and do american agencies hire foreign actors through online auditions and all?

I am in high school now and in nepal there is no scope for acting in english but i want to do so and have had some experience acting and am really interested in it. It would be great to know if agencies heir foreign actors through online auditions and what can i do to do the best with what i...

#actor #film-acting #acting

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Arriana H. Apr 23, 2019 151 views