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Adult-Gerontology NP-C
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Dallas, Georgia
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K'eonna Oct 08, 2021 305 views

How can I get my CNA certification?

#nursing #nurse

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Briadna Aug 20, 2021 397 views

What types of tasks do nurses do?

I would like to know what kind of tasks nurses do in their jobs and how many hours do they work?

#registered-nurses #medicine #healthcare

anna’s Avatar
anna Aug 04, 2021 359 views

how does it feel once you've completed all of school to become a registered nurse?

I would like to become a registered nurse in the near future after completing certified medical assistant and licensed practical nurse. #nursing

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Sulah Aug 09, 2021 482 views

Can I apply to Nursing School as a high school student?

Hello, I'm an incoming senior, wondering if I can apply to Nursing School while still in high school. My county has a partnership with a local community college and state universities, allowing qualified students to take college courses. By the time I finish high school, I would have earned my...

Dexter’s Avatar
Dexter Feb 24, 2020 425 views

What's the most nerve wrecking part about being a nurse?

I am patient and very humble guy. Violence does not sway me at all. I tend to care for things in a precarious way. which got me interested in nursing. " the care for others" #nurse #nursing #healthcare#registered-nurses

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Nov 19, 2019 227 views

what is needed to work in a hospital as a nurse?

I am a student who wants to take the nursing career only that I would like to know more about it #nursing