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Kip Gire

Sr. Animator at Zynga
San Mateo, California
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Chris’s Avatar
Chris Apr 07, 2014 1259 views

what would be the best animation software to start with?

I am very interested in becoming an animator and I would love to start #animation #visual-arts

Jaleel Mackey’s Avatar
Jaleel Oct 05, 2015 2091 views

What kinds of career opportunities come to those with a background in animation?

This question comes from a young man who has a love for drawing cartoons and aspires to work at Pixar, one day. He wants to keep his options open (he's considering Dreamworks as an option) and would love to know where else he can work and in what capacity with a background in animation. I would...

Yamil’s Avatar
Yamil Jun 03, 2015 1382 views

Where do I go to get a job as an animator?

My name is Yamil and I go to Hudson High School of Learning Technologies. I'm interested in animating and I want to learn how to do it and where to go #video-game-design #3d-animation #animators #animator