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Paris Oct 23, 2015 1028 views

what does it take to get in a good collage thats in a buget like 200$?????

I am wondering because I don't know what's it like to be in collage and what does it cost and what does it have. And I'm wondering what type of collage can I do for art and what's the cost of it too. #college #art

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Paris Oct 22, 2015 4279 views

what kind of GPA do you have to have for art school?

I'm trying to find out what to do and what I need to do to go to art school and what type collage I need and what they have for me. help me so I can live my dream! #tcu

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Paris Oct 22, 2015 1183 views

how would you find a good collage with a good art class?

going to a good collage with art is the higher chance of getting a art job and I want a head start of finding a good collage to start and would accept a higher gpa for another collage with a advance art? #creative #gpa #painting #sketching