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Williamsburg, VA
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I want to be a medical administrative assistant working in a hospital, a clinic or in a insurance office.



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Janis S. Feb 04 124 views

Will there be opportunities to continue my education in the position I am hired to do?

I am a CMAA student and hope to find a permanent career as a medical administrative assistant in the helping field. #medicine #healthcare #career-counseling #career #medical #hospital #human services...


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Janis S. Jan 29 93 views

What technology skills did you have going into the medical administrative position and could you tell me about any training you received? n

I have the basic skills for technology and while I am in school now to hopefully receive my certification for the medical administrative assistant program I am hoping to receive on-the-job training to enhance my skills. #medical...


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Janis S. Jan 29 143 views

What credentials did you have when you entered the working medical field for a medical administrative assistant

Hello, Currently, I am a CMAA student at Thomas Nelson in Williamsburg, VA. I have a bachelor's degree in human services and a minor in business management. I also, have a few years of experience working in a office where I learned most of the skills needed to work as a CMAA. #medical...