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I have been searching forskilled trade scholarships since October 2017. Very few exist despite workforce need in trades. Could anyone here share info about opportunities you've found?

Despite the critical shortage of skilled tradespeople in the American workforce, very few scholarships exist for students who want to attend vocational school or attend college for training in applied technologies. I know - I've been seeking scholarships since October 2017, for my Fall 2018 enrollment in Welding Technology at Alfred State.

Maybe someone out there has more info!

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3 answers

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Kathy’s Answer

Seek out those organizations in your area that award the WIOA Grant. It is for In Demand Careers that are needed in your demographic area. Here Workforce Services is where one can find the grant. Some community colleges may have it as well.

Seek out apprenticeship programs through the trade unions.

Reach out to employers in the industry that interests you most.

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Simona’s Answer

Hi Sean,

It can be difficult to find scholarships in any arena but I encourage you to keep trying.  There is some information out there.  I will share what my research has brought up and hope this will help.  Keep in mind that you can apply for any of the ones outside of trade that you meet the qualifications for.  Open your mind to all kinds of scholarships.  The more money you can get, the better prepared you will be to have funds.  Good luck!

The links below are sites that offer scholarships to your trades:

  1. https://studentscholarships.org/2018scholarships.php#sthash.WUUdA4Qv.dpbs (This link lists specific scholarships so please review for any relevant to you.)
  2. https://assetinc.org/access-asset (link to scholarship)
  3. http://www.secondwavemedia.com/the-keel/features/ASSETScholarship.aspx (article about student getting this specific scholarship for the same field as you are looking for money)
  4. https://www.cuinsight.com/press-release/msgcu-offers-scholarships-for-skilled-trades-college-bound-students-and-educators (Michigan Credit Unions are offering scholarships: see if any in your area are doing the same)
  5. http://www.smartscholar.com/scholarships/welding-major-scholarships/ (lists 25 scholarships)

<span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83);">I'm also adding any books that I think will help below:</span>

  1. <span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83);">Free $ for College for Dummies by </span>David Rosen
  2. <span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83);">The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2019: Billions of Dollars in Scholarships, Grants and Prizes by </span>Gen Tanabe<span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83);">, </span>Kelly Tanabe<span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83);">Gen Tanabe by </span>Daniel Cassidy

Simona recommends the following next steps:

Please review the websites and review the books for scholarships
Some resources are from specific schools or community businesses(Michigan Credit Union): see if the school you plan to attend has any and check any businesses in your area for the same
Check with Unions of Skilled Trades: they may offer grants or scholarships to beef up their ranks
Apply for all of the above and then some: apply for scholarships outside of welding that you still qualify for. If you bowl or volunteer your time and they have scholarships for bowlers or students that volunteer then go for it!
Get information from folks in the field: Find folks that work in the trades and ask if they know of any places offering money for school. Chances are very good that they do.

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joann’s Answer

Marchman Technical College
College in New Port Richey, Florida
Address: 7825 Campus Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34653
Undergraduate tuition and fees: 5,522 USD (2011 – 12)
Phone: (727) 774-1700
District: Pasco County School District