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how do i convince an employer i am qualified despite my lack of experience once graduating?

in regards to my future career
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4 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi tiffany C. I see that you posted this question a little while ago so I hope my answer to you (or others who may read this response) is still helpful.

Most reputable employers will have a pretty good sense of what a perspective employee is qualified to do. They likely will base qualifications on a few things. Some examples... 1) What is the perspective employees' field of study 2)Have they completed their studies or are they near completion 3)Have they done any unique research during their education journey. Oftentimes, employees have a pretty clear sense of what they are looking for but many also maintain an open mind so as not to exclude a good candidate that may bring a new perspective to their project teams.

You are right to use the word "convince" in your question because part of your interaction with a possible employer is to be able to "lift yourself off the page"... in other words, what can the employer learn about you with respect to the type of work ethic you can bring, that may not be easily translated from your resume or job application? If you can demonstrate ways in which you overcame a challenge with a task or project, that goes a long way to convincing an employer that you can be an effective problem solver even when/if challenges arise.

Hope you find this answer helpful. Best of luck to you!

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Sofia’s Answer

Hi tiffany C.,

Be willing to learn - always
Think outside the box and highlight your ability and what you've developed in your life experience.
Experience and ability aren´t the same, especially in an evolving world
Sometimes we tend to talk about experience as work experience. So if I've never had a previous role on this function means I do not have experience. This is wrong. To perform a job we need to develop skills and there's personal experiences that make us develop skills. For exemple, imagine in a job one of the skills required is self discipline. An exemple of self disciple could be developed if you run 3x times a week during one year in a row. Someone that gets up from bed to go run consistently is someone that has self disciple.
Another example, imagine you are a volunteer cordinator in a NGO. If you have been doing that function for a long period and coordinating a group of people what skills have you developed? In any personal challenge you've faced, how have you reacted? Have you taken a different aproach? Which?
When looking for a job description think in the skills needed behind the responsabilities that are written. Think how you can develop that skills or what experiences have you lived that shaped your unique skills :D
Learn to be patiente - it's also super important :D

I'll share a ted talk that talks about it :D

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Mohamed’s Answer

It is normal to have a lack of experience when you are a new graduate, but what employer needs from you is self confidence, presentation skills and basic information about the job and your responsibilities

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Cecília Iacoponi’s Answer

Initially, you should be interested in anything new. All of us at the beginning of our career do not have enough experience but not everyone has the strength and the will to learn the new, for many reasons, one of them is the fear of making mistakes or the lack of will to learn.

Show that you are diferent - make mistakes recognize the error and show that you have learned and never give up learning. Show your curiosity, your ability to learn and be creative in solutions that benefit the company. In this way you are gradually showing that you are an important person for the company.

Asking about all things, as well as doing more than is asked can be very well seen by your employer#career#nurse#lackofexperience

Cecília Iacoponi recommends the following next steps:

Be confident
Be criative
Never give up to learn about everything