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fernando S. Feb 22, 2017 1515 views

how hard is it do work as a financial manager

I am am in high school and i've been interested to be a financial manager when i graduate collage manager...


Diego F.’s Avatar
Diego F. Sep 28, 2017 528 views

How Finance/accounting impact your life?

Hello, my question is how did you decided to become an accounting/ finance major and how this job impacted your life? I'm currently leaning towards an accounting career but i don't know if it is the right career for me. I love math but i don't know if i want to do it for the rest of my life....

career accounting finance

Olivia B.’s Avatar
Olivia B. Sep 29, 2017 570 views

In the year 2022, how difficult do you suppose it will be to find an accounting job?

I heard that by the time I graduate it will be very difficult to find an accounting job, is this true? accounting...