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Can I go to nurse from CNA?

I just graduated from highschool and I want to become a nurse in a short period of time.Also can I be a nurse with just a associates degree?Do I have to get an associates degree in CNA and RN????Also do rn with only a 2 year degree get less hours or the same as nurses with 4 year degree? doctor nurse hospital rn cna

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2 answers

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Kathleen’s Answer

A CNA (certified nurse assistant) is a short course (about six weeks) to learn the basics of caring for a patient. You learn bathing, blood pressure, diets and assisting the nurse. You can become an associate degree Nurse (2 years) but most places are looking for Bachelor degree Nurse (4 years).
It is good to work as a CNA you learn alot about patient care that will help you during nursing school.

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Eileen’s Answer

Working as a CNA before or during nursing school is a great idea. You'll pick up skills and develop confidence in the nursing role. You can become an RN through an Associates Degree iin Nursing (ADN). Nursing pays well. There are plenty of hours avilable for both two and four year RNs. However, some employers only hire four year graduates. I got the 2 yr degree then went into a completion program for a four year degree (BSN). My credits for the AADN program were transferrable. I did this while working part time. Nursing is a very rewarding job.