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Can I apply to dental school and hygiene school at the same time?

I have been put on a wait list to dental schools. I am going to reapply again but I am keeping my options open just in case dental school will not accept me again. I am also going to apply at a hygiene school. ( Note I have all the requirements I needed for dental my scores were not that bad. I have numerous hours of dental shadowing and volunteerism and many years experience as a dental assistance. Very competitive entrance. ) I would gladly to hear some inputs.

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Gwendolyn’s Answer

Yes. Many people apply to multiple different programs at the same time. I applied to DO and MD at same time.

No one can stop you from doing it but also dont do it as a default. Know what you want to do and just do it. It takes perseverence to do anything worthwhile. If you have to reapply to dental 6 times, DO IT. Dont take the backup plan by default because you couldnt get to where you wanted to be the first time. If you do, it means you didnt want it enough. Try try again! You can do it.