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Where do I start so that I can end up with my dream job?

I want to become a Radiologist. I really want that job, it's a cool part of the medical field and it's challenging and after all radiology is pretty cool! The thing is I have no idea what colleges I should go to if i eventually want to go into med school? If a school has no pre med program or major what do I do then? I'm confused with the whole process and quite frankly it seems scary and like it'l take forever, which I don't mind but if I don't do what I am supposed to be, I could be wasting time when I could vbe using that to persue my career. #help #lost #whatschool #wheredoigo #howdoistart #getmetoaschool #freakingout #radiologist

First of all, never stop learning more about radiology if that is your true passion. Do whatever you can to learn more whether it's through reading, talking to people or visiting networking events. Look into the requirements to become a radiologist. What types of degrees, certifications, etc. to get into that field. Talk to people that are already in that career and ask how they got there. Nowadays, it's all about who you know. Start networking now and ask to job shadow someone. Don't give up on your passion. I guarantee you that if you go with your passion and never give up learning and becoming better at it, you'll be the happiest. Michelle Kang

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2 answers

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Gwendolyn’s Answer

I suggest

1. Ask to volunteer or shadow a radiologist to make sure its what you want to do for the rest of your life.

2. You dont need to be "premed" to go to med school. So, i suggest doing BSN to start off. You can always change.

3. Undergrad is your last chance to explore options. (You can always reinvent yourself after choosing another track but after undergrad you basically have limited options based on your bachelors degree). Dont be hesitant to explore completely different fields... imaging, pharma, biomed engineering*. Engineering for women is emerging.

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s’s Answer

If you mean 'radiologist,' then you need to get a bachelor's degree (college; usually 4 years), then graduate from medical school (usually 4 years), then take a radiology residency (3-4 years).
Before you do all that, ask a radiology group if you can spend a day (or part of a day) shadowing a radiologist, so you can see what that entails. You can ask either a private group or one based in hospital.

But maybe you don't mean 'radiologist.'
Maybe you mean something else.
If you want to become an x-ray technologist, for instance, you don't need to go to medical school.
The training is shorter.