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Vanden G. May 22, 2016 597 views

What does a typical day look like for a M.D. that is in their residency in the field of radiology?

Im currently a senior in high school and plan to follow a pre med track next year when I begin my undergraduate studies. After med school I plan to take part in a radiology residency program. #doctor #physician #radiology #radiologist #hospital-and-health-care...


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Athena P. May 25, 2016 554 views
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Eunice M. Sep 01, 2017 295 views

What route can/did you take as a radiologist?

I've heard radiology is a trade and I want to know if thats true and what you did to become one, years of schooling, etc. #radiology #radiologist #medicine #healthcare...


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Livvy W. Jan 16, 2018 329 views

What tips do you have for finding a publishing agent?

Publishing is one of the most important aspects of being an author, and it can be very hard to get your foot in the door. What tips are there for doing so? #writing #creative-writing #creative-arts #creative #publishing...


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Arabela R. Jan 23, 2018 271 views

What advice would you give to someone hoping to enter the creative writing field?

All of my friends refer to me as very creative and I do like to write poems and short stories. Thus, I chose creative writing as a major. I would be fine with any sort of career that involved creating writing. I'm open to any advice at all....


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yadira O. Jan 26, 2018 292 views

What is a day in the life of a radiologist?

I would like to know more about what a radiologist does throughout the day. I have become interested on maybe perusing this as a actual career for my future but I need to know more about what they do on a daily basis. #day-in-the-life-of #radiologist...


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Argelia M. Apr 13, 2018 257 views

Where do I start so that I can end up with my dream job?

I want to become a Radiologist. I really want that job, it's a cool part of the medical field and it's challenging and after all radiology is pretty cool! The thing is I have no idea what colleges I should go to if i eventually want to go into med school? If a school has no pre med program or...

#whatschool #wheredoigo #help #lost #radiologist #freakingout #getmetoaschool #howdoistart

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Diana M. May 31, 2018 341 views

How would a copyeditor know which "grammar" to use?

In the English language, there are so many different ways to use grammar, but there aren't any set rules on which ways are correct; it's more just a matter of belief (example: the Oxford comma). I realize that a particular university will teach their own beliefs about grammar, but I'm concerned...

#english #copyeditor #copyedit #write #grammar

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Emily A. Jun 27, 2018 254 views
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Jennifer B. Jul 12, 2018 370 views

How likely is it that I will want to switch my major?

I'm interested in Early Childhood Education mostly. I'm also interested in Creative Writing and Psychology. #senior #senioritis #nervous #major #double-major #psychology...


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Destiny W. Aug 14, 2018 289 views

What’s the best way to improve on your writing skills ex. Essay

I normally don’t struggle to write, because once I have and idea it all goes fine. I just have trouble coming up with new and exciting things to write about when it comes to personal essays, college essays etc. if you know of any good way to improve my writing as far as vocabulary or formatting...

#general #writing #author #creative-writing #journalism

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Madeline K. Aug 17, 2018 178 views

Before I enter college to study for a career in creative writing, what are other ways to expand my writing skills on my individual time along with writing stories and short poems?

I love writing fiction like fanasy and young adult. I also write short poems and am currently writing a young adult novel. #writing...


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Sydney J. Aug 26, 2019 84 views

What kind of personalities and strengths do radiologists have?

I am interested in becoming a radiology tech in my future and am just wondering what it is like....


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karen M. Dec 06, 2019 95 views