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Laguna Niguel, California

Within 40 mile radius
Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Nov 17 94 views

I am interested in a career in pediatric SLP. I am currently a school bus driver with 10 plus years experience with Special needs children of all ages. Would I be able to count my current job towards this degree?

I am 40 years and just went back to school at a community college. I have spoken to my counselor about this career, now I am just trying to find more information about this degree.

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Nov 14 51 views

How do I know which field I want to major in?

I am in 11th grade.

Amberly’s Avatar
Amberly Nov 05 59 views

How can I find the best college for my major ?


Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Nov 04 105 views

How to find an Accountant to interview ?

How can I find accountants to interview regarding their journey in the industry? It’s for a class project. I’ve tried looking and writing to accountants on LinkedIn but had no luck with replies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Emery’s Avatar
Emery Nov 02 98 views

Tips on high end restaurant hosting ?

I’m in need of some tips on hosting in a very high end restaurant setting, just a baby host asking for experienced customer service workers do’s and don’ts

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Oct 24 223 views

How can I become a pediatrician?

What steps do I need to achieve in order to become a pediatrician?

Neema’s Avatar
Neema Oct 23 115 views

What programs can I become involved in to pursue my aspirations of becoming a traveling herbalist?

I am a student in Long Beach California and my grandma teaches me bits and pieces but I'd love to become more knowledgeable.

Mai’s Avatar
Mai Oct 12 124 views

How do I figure out what I should major in When should I have my major figured out by?

I'm not sure what I'm interested in yet. I'm a junior in high school, and I don't know what to major in. I know the topics that I don't want to major in, but I don't know what I want.

helen’s Avatar
helen Oct 11 132 views

How do you find the right major for you?

I like the film industry and art related things, but it's hard to be successful in those career paths so I don't really know what I want to do in the future. I am not a big STEM person and don't like history either.

dani’s Avatar
dani Oct 10 111 views

What should I do to prepare for getting into my dream colleges?

I am a sophomore in high school and am constantly looking to find help in preparing for college admissions. I am interested in pursuing either psychology or anthropology

Jenifer’s Avatar
Jenifer Sep 26 164 views

What is the best way to know if your financial stable for college?

How to know what college is best for you? How do you get financial help? How can you avoid student debt?

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Sep 18 125 views

How did you guys start engineering? Were you first maybe using a coding program or possibly using different mechanical things to put together something that works?

I wanna be an engineer especially software, but I am curious on how I can accomplish this at such a young age. Could you guys maybe give me some hints?

Niloofar’s Avatar
Niloofar Sep 16 171 views

What are the important points to remember working as a new clinical mental health intern at an inpatient/outpatient hospital unit?

Hi all, I'm a second year grad student in mental health counseling, and first year intern. I was wondering what are the important points to remember working as a new clinical mental health intern at an inpatient/outpatient hospital unit? Do you have any tips that would ease the anxiety of not...

Maraya’s Avatar
Maraya Sep 02 173 views

How can I find the right college for me?

I know for a fact that I want to work with animals. I am in agriculture at my high school and I just love it. I want to go to school after high school but I have no clue where to start looking.

Harry’s Avatar
Harry Aug 27 153 views

What is the average debt for a 4 year medical school student?

I want to see how much money I’ll need to pay back for my medical school scholarship because I have a bad history with debt and I do not wanna go debt again.

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